What do we do when evil kicks us between the eyes?  What do we do when darkness takes our children from us?  How do we respond to unbridled hatred?

How, when we feel a sense of overwhelming pain, hurt, and anger towards those who have hurt us, do we not become filled with hate ourselves, becoming that which we despise.

Here is an important meditation from the Torah portion of ‘Balak’ – “I am not My Enemy”

It was recorded before the war in Gaza began, after three Israeli teens who were kidnapped by Hamas members were found murdered.  It is even more important now, as we find ourselves in the midst of battle, surrounded by the loss of innocent human lives on all sides.

It reminds us that our enemy is not a human being or a specific race, but rather it is blind hatred and those who would sow such hatred in the world.  Palestinians are not the enemies of Jews.  Jews are not the enemies of Palestinians.  Hamas is the enemy of both.

May we each be blessed to channel our love, even in ager, towards creating a world of growing light and compassion.